Stop Motion – Production Principles

My final stop-motion animation for this lesson with sound, Our film idea was ”Trip to the Moon” so we took heavy inspiration from the game ‘Among Us’ but developed into a different story about a star who wanted to go to the moon and see Earth from there alone, killing all the other passengers on board to achieve his dream. Only using black / white paper and black biro pen to create the little details and ad expressions to the little stars to help the viewer understand the scenes.

Storyboarding – Production Principles

PDF of my 3 image narrative, based on location sketches and paragraph of self reflection on learning and outcome. Also, my multiple location sketches from when I travelled to Royal Festival Hall in Southbank to draw observational drawings of people/buildings/atmosphere, trying to capture the characterics of the person’s facial features to their expession of movement. Then further developing my work by using a select few of these sketches to create a 3 image narrative that incorporates these drawings into it.